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Staging Your Home For a Quicker Sale

Staging Your Home For a Quicker Sale
Apr 18, 2024

If you are getting ready to sell your home, how will you ensure it stands out to buyers among the other houses for sale in Murfreesboro, TN? When it comes to real estate, a potential buyer’s first impression can make or break their decision to put in an offer, so it is important to show your home in the best possible light so that it is attractive to them. You can do this by staging your home to help potential buyers see themselves living in the property.

What is Home Staging?

Home staging is the process of presenting your home for sale by making it more appealing to attractive buyers. It can involve repainting rooms in more neutral colors, rearranging furniture, and removing personal items in favor of carefully curated art, lighting, greenery, and other decor. Some people will also stage rooms to show multiple purposes, for example, setting up a guest room as a home office to show its versatility.

Start By Decluttering

One of the first things you need to do when staging your home for sale is decluttering the space. It can be difficult for potential buyers to envision themselves living in a home that is filled with personal trinkets and family photographs. Pack away some of your belongings and start presenting your home for sale. If buyers are viewing multiple houses for sale in Murfreesboro, TN, and yours is the only one with clutter, it is going to land lower on their list of potential homes!

Freshen Up With Neutral Paint

Anyone who has ever decorated a room knows how much thought usually goes into choosing paint colors for the walls. However, those colors that you love so much might be a turn-off to potential buyers. That’s why it is highly recommended that if you have any bold color choices, you should freshen the room up with a coat of paint in a neutral color. This will help create a blank canvas for potential buyers, making it easier to visualize how their belongings will look in the space. Some popular neutrals to choose from include beige, soft grays, or taupe. Even if you already have a neutral palette, freshening up the paint with a new coat is still a great idea.

Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home plays a huge role in the first impressions potential buyers will have of your home. If they are driving around looking at houses for sale in Murfreesboro, TN, before deciding which ones to set up viewings for, they won’t look twice at a home that looks unkempt! It is relatively easy and inexpensive to enhance your property’s curb appeal with these simple steps:

  • Mow the lawn

  • Trim the shrubs

  • Give trim a fresh coat of paint

  • Add some outdoor lighting

  • Bring in some color with potted plants or flower beds

  • Clean the windows

  • Powerwash the driveway and paving

Focus on the Hero Rooms

In an ideal world, you would have every single room in your house looking fantastic when presenting them to potential buyers. However, you may not have the time or the budget to make that happen. The good news is that buyers will be more willing to look past a slightly dated guest bedroom as long as the important rooms are in order. It has long been said that kitchens are what sells houses! There is a lot of truth in this statement. If you have a small renovation budget, upgrading the kitchen and bathroom should be the priority. A warm, inviting living room with comfortable seating and a well-presented master bedroom will also be well-received. Focusing on these hero rooms can help if you have limited resources.

Switch Out Light Fixtures

When you want your home to stand out among the houses for sale in Murfreesboro, TN, the small details will make the most significant difference! Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Not only is lighting functional, but it can also have a big impact on the overall ambiance of a room. Simple steps like switching out your bulbs to warm-toned ones can make a huge difference. You could also switch outdated light fittings and fixtures for more modern ones or even a few feature pendants in some rooms.

These are just a few DIY tips that you can try to make your home more appealing to buyers looking for houses for sale in Murfreesboro, TN. If you need additional guidance, it might be a good idea to talk to a local real estate agent for tips on what buyers in the area are looking for.


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